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Mediation Ground Rules

We agree to enter mediation with the following understanding:

1. That mediation is a process that facilitates people to reach agreement between themselves. The mediator(s) do not offer advice and are the managers of the process. The participants in mediation are responsible for the outcomes of mediation.

2. Mediation is voluntary and any party can withdraw from the process at any stage

3. That the principle underlying mediation is that people take responsibility for resolving their own issues as opposed to decisions being made for them by a third party

4. That the mediator(s) is neutral to the outcome, and impartial towards the parties

5. Mediation is confidential, that is the mediators will not disclose information obtained in mediation relating to the participants, or give evidence on behalf of any of the participants

6. That the content of the session(s) is not confidential if a person in mediation is a threat to him/herself or another person

7. That the mediator will inform the organisation by whom they are engaged by that there was, or was not, an Agreement reached but will not give any further information other than as contained in the Agreement document

8. That we understand that if mediation does not resolve matters, the organisation who engaged the mediator shall revert to their procedures in determining how to deal with the matters involved

I accept the Ground Rules of Mediation



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