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Performance Coaching & Review

Arra HRD Ltd provides support to Organisations in the area of Performance Coaching and Review.
The objective of Performance Coaching is to improve current performance and to highlight developmental needs within the company. It involves: –
➢ Generating data on existing performance levels
➢ Letting employees know what is expected of them through discussion of performance to date vs the agreed performance measure
➢ Solving job -related problems which are blocking performance
➢ Providing feedback to increase motivation
➢ Coaching to improve performance and increase out-puts
➢ Identifying training needs

Performance Coaching therefore has four central components:
1. Observing and documenting performance
2. Conducting individual interim reviews
3. Identifying training and development needs
4. Coaching and supporting individual employees

Arra HRD can assist business in setting up the system and structure to operate Performance Coaching with Employees.

The Annual Performance Review
The purpose of the annual performance review is to discuss the appraisee’s progress towards meeting the goals which were set for the preceding year. A well conducted Performance Review provides several organizational benefits. Specifically:

Acknowledges Positive Performance

It provides a vehicle through which positive performance can be formally acknowledge and, therefore an opportunity for motivating the appraisee to continue to perform at this level.

Corrects Poor Performance
It provides a formal means through which poor performance can be documented and corrective action taken.

Equitable Basis of Salary Adjustments
It provides a mechanism on which to base salary change decisions

Management Learning Tool

It acts as a management learning tool. By obtaining feedback from the appraisee, a company can learn about actions taken (what worked well and what didn’t) in terms of facilitating better employee performance.
Please see templates Performance Review Documents which can be adopted to meet the special needs of Business.

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