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Pre-Appraisal Questionnaire

This form should be completed and returned to your Appraising Manager one week prior to the Appraisal discussion. The information requested is intended to help your Manager get a comprehensive overview of your current performance and development needs

Name:​​​ ​​Job Title:​​​
Reporting to:​​​​Length of time in current role:

Step 1 – Achievements
Please describe, in one sentence, what you see as the fundamental purpose of your role in the organisation:


Outline the key business objectives of your role in the past year: (e.g. KPI’s)

How would you describe your own performance against those objectives:










Indicate any constraints (within your control or outside of your control), or changes to your responsibilities, which may have affected your performance:

Step 2 – Next Years Targets
Outline your key business objectives for the coming year: (SMART objectives & priorities)










What can your manager / the company do to help you achieve these objectives?

Step 3, 4 – Capabilities, Strengths & Training Needs
Regarding your personal skills and behaviours, please indicate what you believe your strengths are and also indicate the areas you believe require you training and development in:


Areas of Strengths

Areas for development









What steps can you personally take to improve your own personal effectiveness?

Step 5 – Career Development
Are you satisfied with your role and the Company’s ability to help you realise your potential?

Other Relevant information
If you were in your manager’s role what key tasks would you do differently?

Are there any other points that you would like to raise or have clarified during the Appraisal discussion?

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