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Employment Contracts – Full Time

Employer:​ABC Ltd, Mullingar, Co Westmeath


Place of Work: ABC Ltd or any other location that you may be requested to report ​​​​​ to in order to perform your job role from time to time.
Reporting To:​ ********

Rate of Pay:​​Your salary will be €***** per annum. You will be paid weekly on the last working day of each calendar week by cheque/credit transfer. Alterations to your rate of pay will be discussed with you should business needs arise to require changes to current terms including reduction in salary.
Start Date:​​****** 201*.

Hours of Work​
Your working hours will be:
Lunch ​​​​: 1pm to 2pm (Unpaid)
Breaks​​​​: 15 minutes am and 15 minutes pm (unpaid)
These hours may vary occasionally, and it is a Condition of Employment that you accept any changes that occur from time to time.

On occasion, you may be requested to work overtime which may include weekends. It is a Condition of Employment that you are available to do so as and when required by management. Arrangements concerning payment for overtime are as follows:

Saturday: 1.5 times basic hourly rate for first 4 working hours and 2.0 times basic hourly rate for any further hours in excess of 4 working hours. Sunday working will be at 2.0 time’s basic hourly rate for all working hours. Alterations to your overtime arrangements shall be discussed with you should business needs arise requiring changes.

Deductions for overpayment
ABC Ltd will endeavour at all times to ensure correct payments to employees. However, in the event of an overpayment, the company reserve the right to deduct that overpayment from subsequent pay, following consultation with you on any such matter.

Deductions for omissions of the employee
ABC Ltd reserves the right to make a deduction from wages for any act or omission of an employee where such is justified and is communicated in writing to the employee at least one week prior to the deduction. The employee shall have the right to appeal in writing any such decision communicated to them. Any such appeal shall be given to the company within 2 days of receipt of the company communication on the deduction.

Sick Pay:
ABC Ltd does not as a policy provide paid sick leave. However you will be entitled to claim payment for sickness to social welfare amounts through the Department of Social Protection, details of which are to be found through their relevant offices.

Any absence from work must be reported to the ABC Ltd office not later than 8.30am on the morning of each such occurrence and any sickness greater than 2 days must involve the production of Doctor’s certificates to the company. ABC Ltd reserves the right to request an employee to submit doctor’s certificates for every day of absence from work. All sickness will be dealt with on a case by case basis and the employee concerned are required to keep their immediate Manager informed on a regular basis of their expected return to work.


All expenses associated with the performance of your duties are refundable, on a vouched basis, monthly, by submission of a claim on the appropriate expense’s form to your Manager.

There is a probationary period of six- (6) month’s duration. During this probationary period your performance will be assessed by management with regard to your general suitability for the position. Your employment may be terminated by the giving of 1 weeks’ notice at any point during the probationary period, such notice to be effected by way of pay in lieu of working. Absences during the period of probation will extend your probationary period on a pro rata basis by the number of days you were absent from work.

Annual Leave
The holiday year runs from 1 January to 31 December. You will be entitled to twenty (20) days annual leave per year based on completing a standard 39 hour working week, pro rata based on 8% of hours worked if working less than standard work hours (proportionately less for less than 12 months’ service), plus nine (9) statutory public holidays, subject to the normal qualifying standards as laid down by the Organisation of Working Time Act, 1997.
All holidays must be booked in advance and taken on dates agreed with and approved by your manager.

Except, in cases warranting instant dismissal, or where mutually agreed, the Terms of the Minimum Notice and Terms of Employment Act, 1973-1991 will apply to your employment with us and both employee and employer are required to give notice as outlined below.
13 weeks to 2 years’ service = 1 week
2 years to 5 years’ service = 2 weeks
5 years to 10 years’ service = 4 weeks
10 years to 15 years’ service = 6 weeks
15 years and greater service = 8 weeks

However, by mutual agreement, payment in lieu of notice may be effected.
In the event of you leaving the company within one year from completion of approved development programmes funded by the employer, then you will be required to reimburse the company for any training investment by ABC Ltd to the amount of 50% of such costs which shall be determined by the Directors.

You are being employed as a ***** for ABC Ltd and as such you will be responsible for ******* and other related duties for the business as outlined to you by management.

Short time working and Lay Off
It is the objective of ABC Ltd to grow and develop its business and this it is hoped will have positive implications for all employees in terms of their development and opportunities to progress within the company. However, in the event of market variations, the company reserves the right to discuss and implement short time working or lay off without pay to address cost issues. Any such decision will only occur in absolute necessity and after due consultation with all employees.

Should it be necessary to make employees redundant due to market issues, such measures will only be taken after due consultation with employees.

You will be fully flexible and interchangeable relative to the various duties as advised to you by management. Whereas, you are being employed to carry out ***** duties, it is a Condition of Employment that you agree to be totally flexible regarding where you work, and are available to work in any position in the Company, subject to you having relevant skills and experience to carry out assigned work activities, from time to time as requested by management.

It is a Condition of Employment that you undergo a complete medical examination (at the Company’s expense) and in the event of you not meeting the required health standard this offer of employment is automatically withdrawn. Please arrange to see our nominated doctor at your earliest convenience and have him/her complete a fitness to work report for the attention of the Human Resources Manager, ABC Ltd and returned to this office as soon as possible.

The CEO or their nominated representative reserves the right to refer an employee for a medical during the course of employment with the company. Any such referrals will be discussed with you in advance.

Should you feel that any issue arises during the course of your employment with the company of a medical nature, you are required to inform the CEO/Line Manager of such an issue or concern. All such issues will be treated in strictest confidence between yourself and the CEO/Line Manager.

Technology/Work Systems
The Company will introduce new technology/work systems on an ongoing basis to ensure its competitive position in the market place is maintained. It is a Condition of this Contract of Employment that you accept and co-operate with the introduction of such technology/work systems and ensure it’s timely and effective introduction within your areas of responsibility. As a consequence, you may be required on an ongoing basis to attend training courses to update skills etc.

Disciplinary/Grievance Procedures
A copy of procedures utilised for discipline and grievance issues are attached to this contract. These procedures are in place to ensure fair and just treatment of all employees in line with the natural rules of justice and include the procedures for instant dismissal in the event of serious misconduct. It is a condition of employment that you make yourself fully aware of these procedures and agree to be bound by them and all Company rules (including the procedure on Harassment at Work which is also attached and all those rules established by custom and practice specific to the location of your employment) for the duration of your employment with ABC Ltd.

You may in the course of your employment be furnished with or obtain by one means or another information which is of a confidential nature and which is not already in the public domain, or which was obtained by ABC Ltd in the first instance on the basis that it be treated as confidential.

This confidential information may include but not be limited to customer lists, client information, pricing, etc. It is an express term of your employment with us that you do treat all such information as confidential, that you do not disclose it to any third party what so-ever and that you do not use that information for the benefit of anybody other than ABC Ltd. When such information is in written or electronic form that particular document must not be copied or given to any third party without the prior written consent of ABC Ltd. In the event of your employment with ABC Ltd terminating for any reason you must return those documents and all copies in hard copy or electronically thereof to ABC Ltd.

The company shall provide access to a PRSA in line with legislation. Please discuss your requirements with your Manager who will then arrange a meeting with our PRSA provider.

Normal Retirement age occurs on your 65th Birthday

Restriction on outside employment
You are required to devote your energies to the work for which you are employed at ABC Ltd. You are required to obtain prior written permission to engage in any other employment from the CEO/Line Manager of ABC Ltd.

Your attention is particularly drawn to safety regulations applying in the different locations in which we will operate and to the Company Safety Statement of ABC Ltd, which is available to you at our office. The company aim is to eliminate industrial accidents and you are obliged to familiarise yourself with the safety regulations in each location where you happen to be located from time to time during this contract.

Changes to your terms of employment
The company reserves the right to make reasonable changes to any of your terms and conditions of employment and will notify you in writing of such changes at the earliest opportunity and in any event within one month after such changes have taken effect. Such changes will be deemed to be accepted unless you notify the company of any objection in writing before the expiry of the notice period. such changes will hence forth form part of this contract.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions.


I, **** ****, have read and understand the general Terms and Conditions pertaining to my position and I accept these Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them for the period of my employment with ABC Ltd.

Signed​​: ____________________________

Witness​: ____________________________

Date​​: ____________________________

Signed ​​: ____________________________ (on behalf of the ​​​​​​​​​​​company)

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