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Employment Contracts – Part Time




Dear __________

I wish to confirm terms of your appointment to the position of _____________ at the ABC Ltd, effective from ___________________ 201?. This contract is backdated to the beginning of your service with us, but is dated with today’s date. This contract is subject to your acceptance, in writing of the following Terms & Conditions of Employment, two (2) copies of which are attached for your attention.

Please indicate your acceptance of these Terms & Conditions of Employment by signing in the space provided and returning one (1) copy to myself marked ‘ Private & Confidential – Addressee only’. The other copy you should retain for personal record. You should also complete the enclosed employee form and forward it with your P45 form as soon as possible to me also.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if there are any aspects of this letter or the attached Terms & Conditions of Employment that you wish to discuss. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to ABC Ltd, and wish you every success in this company. I do hope you find working with us an enjoyable and developmental experience.

Very best regards,

Yours sincerely,


General Manager

Terms & Conditions of Employment – Part -Time Contract

Place of Work:
Reporting to:
Rate of Pay: Your salary at present is __________ per hour. This salary takes account of you being rostered for Sunday working and any Sunday working under JLC regulations. You will be paid weekly on each Friday, directly into your bank account.

Due to the nature of the position, you will be expected to work whatever hours are necessary in order to service the function to management’s satisfaction, or where work deadlines & targets have to be met or achieved. Payments for such hours are incorporated in your rate of pay.

Start Date: 20?
Your working hours will be determined on the roster which will be made available each Saturday for the following week.
You will be afforded an unpaid break of 15 minutes after working four hours and an additional 15 minutes (Total 30mins) after working six hours on your shift.
These hours may vary occasionally and it is a Condition of Employment that you accept any changes that occur from time to time.

Deductions for overpayment.
ABC Ltd will endeavor at all times to ensure correct payments to employees. However, in the event of an overpayment, the company reserves the right to deduct that over payment from subsequent pay, following consultation with you on any such matter.

Sick Pay:
The normal statutory requirements apply in respect of sick pay. You may be entitled to claim payment for sickness for social welfare amounts through the Department of Social Welfare, details of which are to be found through their relevant offices. In any event any absence from work must be reported to the Manager on Duty not later than two hours prior to commencement of the shift and any sickness greater than two days must involve the production of Doctor’s certificates to the company. All sickness will be dealt with on a case to case basis, and are the subject of the employee concerned keeping their Manager informed on a regular basis of their expected return to work.

There is a probationary period of six (6) month’s duration. During this probationary period Management will assess your performance with regard to your general suitability for the position.

Absences during the period of probation will extend your probationary period on a pro rata basis by the number of days you were absent from work.

Annual Leave:
The holiday year runs from 1 January to 31 December. Your holiday entitlement will be calculated based on 8% of your Gross Salary earned.
All holidays must be booked in advance and taken on dates agreed with and approved by your manager.

Except, in cases warranting instant dismissal, or where mutually agreed, the Terms of the Minimum Notice and Terms of Employment Act, 1973 – 1991 will apply to your employment with us. We will require a minimum of one (1) weeks’ notice from you in the event of your resigning your position.
You are being employed as a _______________ for ABC Ltd and as such you will be responsible for __________________ and other related duties for the business as outlined to you by management.

Flexibility :
You will be fully flexible and interchangeable relative to the various duties as advised to you by management. Whereas, you are being employed to carry out __________ duties, it is a condition of Employment that you agree to be totally flexible regarding where you work, and are available to work in any position in the company from time to time as requested by management.

Short time working and Lay Off:
It is the objective of ABC Ltd to grow and develop its business and this it is hoped will have positive implications for all employees in terms of their development and opportunities to progress within the company. However in the event of market variation, the company reserves the right to discuss and implement short time working or lay off to address cost issues. Any such decision will only occur in absolute necessity and after due consultation with all employees.

Should it be necessary to make employees redundant due to market issues, such measures will only be taken after due consultation with employees.

Disciplinary/ Grievance:
A copy of procedures utilised for discipline and grievance issues are in our employee handbook. These procedures are in place to ensure fair and just treatment of all employees in line with the natural rules of justice and include the procedures for instant dismissal in the event of serious misconduct. It is a condition of employment that you make yourself fully aware of these procedures and agree to be bound by them and all company rules (including the procedure on Dignity and Respect at work which is included in the Safety Statement Manual available at Hotel reception, and all those rules established by custom and practice specific to the location of your employment) for the duration of your employment with ABC Ltd.

Your attention is particularly drawn to safety regulations applying in the different locations in which we will operate and to the Company Safety Statement of ABC Ltd which is available to you at our reception area. The company aim is to eliminate accidents and you are obliged to familiarize yourself with the safety regulations in each location where you happen to be located from time to time during this contract.

Changes to this contract:
Should it be necessary to change the terms and conditions of this contract, such changes will be discussed with you and a new contract then issued covering any such changes

Acceptance of terms and Conditions
I, ___________have read and understand the general Terms and Conditions pertaining to my position and I accept these Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them for the period of my employment with ABC Ltd.

Signed: ​​​______________________

Witness: ​​​_______________________


Signed:​​​________________________ (on behalf of the company)

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