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Interview Questions

Q. Would you consider yourself an achiever? And can you give us some examples of what were your greatest achievements?
Q. What motivates you to succeed in your present job?
Q. What are the standards for success in your current job?
Q. What would you consider to be your most significant professional accomplishment to date?
Q. We all fail to hit targets from time to time. Tell me about an occasion when this happened to you and how you reacted?

Concern for order and quality.
Q. How did you prepare for this interview?
Q. In your current job how do you schedule your time and set priorities?
Q. How do you keep track of the things that require your attention in your job?
Q. Are you satisfied with the planning systems with which you have to work? If not what have you done to improve them?

Q. Do you consider yourself to be a self-starter? Give me evidence of this
Q. Have you ever been able to turn a problem into an opportunity?
Q. How do you approach new tasks that you are confronted with, please give specific examples based on your experience to date?​

Q. In your current job what effect does your personal style of working have upon those with whom you work?
Q. Have you ever modified your personal style to achieve results with a difficult individual? Tell me about it.
Q. Do you believe in the Internal customer concept? Why?
Q. How do you manage your customer’s expectations?


Relationship Management
Q. Did you ever try to convince your boss of what you considered to be a good idea but he / she rejected it? How did you react?
Q. You will be required to convince people to accept your recommendations for change and how would you go about influencing someone to accept your recommendations?
Q. What do you do to establish rapport with the different people who work in an organisation?
Q. What particular attributes, in terms of your own strengths and weaknesses, do you think you will bring to the position if successful?

Q. How have you identified the training and development needs of your subordinates in your present or previous job?
Q. What is your management style? Explain with examples?
Q. Have you ever disagreed with the collective decision of a team of which you were part? What did you do?
Q. Have you ever had to work as part of a team where you felt that others were lacking commitment or ability? What did you do?
Q. What qualities would you consider were the most important to look for if you were interviewing for this post?


Technical Expertise
Q. If you were appointed how would you approach the job?
Q. When did you qualify and in what Institute?
Q. What ongoing continuing professional training have you done to keep up to date with technical issues and developments, give examples
Q. What is your background in and exposure to computer and operational systems? (e.g. packages or applications used, training received etc.)
Q. What experience do you have of making presentations?
Q. Give some examples of the types of report you have been required to prepare and present?
Q. Apart from standard template reporting, have you had occasion to prepare ad hoc projects reports, please give examples?
Q. Have you had any exposure to due diligence?
Q. How would you compare your verbal skills to your written skills?

Q. What aspect of your current job do you find most stressful? Why?
Q. Have you ever lost your temper at work? Describe an occasion?
Q. Can you give me examples of change at work that have affected your job? How have you coped with these?
Q. Can you give me example of a situation where it has been difficult to maintain your own effectiveness due to external change?
Q. Have you ever worked in an organisation whose values or standards you did not share? What were they?

Q. Where do you see yourself in five years?
Q. What are your interests outside of work?

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