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Review Appraisal

Checklist – Review Appraisal

Did I feel sufficiently prepared for the interview? Y / N

Was I happy with the venue? Y / N

Did I regard the Appraisal as a mutual exchange of ideas? Y / N

Was the Appraisal frank and open? Y / N

Did I ask appropriate questions? Y / N

Did we discuss strengths and identify any problem areas? Y / N

Did we work together to identify ways of overcoming problems? Y / N

Did we identify training needs? Y / N

Did I really listen to what was said? Y / N

Did I deal well with conflicting views? Y / N

Did I give honest and constructive feedback? Y / N

Do we accept and understand what standards are to be attained? Y / N

Did we set a date for a further review and end on a positive note? Y / N

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